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1、Position: Inspector

Job Descriptions:
1、Inspect product according the product 2D drawing and process.
2、Fill in inspection record according the rules of inspection record and report.
3、Divide different areas among acceptable product, nonconforming product and inspecting product, and put the different products on the correct areas.
4、Inspect in-process products and the nonconforming products according nonconforming product control procedure.
5、Gather the product quality status which inspect by self every day.
6、Inspect and manage the equipment and measuring tools.
7、On time receive product to inspect from plant, give the reason which doesn’t satisfy to inspect, and coordinate to solve.
8、Inspect full dimensions of plastic products.

Job Requirements:
1、Age from 20 to 30, at least 1 year working experience.
2、College diploma above
3、Be familiar with the utilization of 1D and 2D measuring tools, and understand 2D drawing.

Shift:Normal work and overtime


2、Position: EDM operator

Job Descriptions:
1、Inspect the equipment, machine and fixture on the working area.
2、Operate and maintain EDM machine according rules.
3、Understand EDM drawings and be familiar with SODICK type EDM machines.
4、In time take action during operation has abnormity, inspect finished parts dimensions and accuracy.
5、Finish other work which supervisor assigns.

Job Requirements:
1、Education is not limited, at least 3 years working experience, calm personality.
2、Proficient in operating EDM equipment and be familiar with electrode process.
3、Willingness two shifts work, positive cooperate working arrangement which supervisor assigns.
4、Be familiar with using computer, and understand mold drawing.

Shift:Normal work and overtime



3、Position: Buyer

Job Descriptions:
1、Related work of suppliers, collect the quotation information from suppliers. Negotiate and confirm price and make price comparison list. Customize, sign and stamp the contract for suppliers.
2、Responsible for outside processes, e.g. heat treatment,  laser welding, etc.
3、Contact company of machine to quote and maintain, e.g. CNC, EDM, WEDM, etc.
4、Communicate and coordinate with finance and suppliers to check account, invoice and settlement.
5、Finish the all work which finance assigns.
6、Purchase mold base, materials and standard parts, including quotation, tracking, purchasing and receiving of incoming materials.
7、Contact company of machine to quote and maintain, e.g. CNC, EDM, WEDM, etc.
8、Request money and sign for suppliers account.
9、Formulate and maintain monthly treasury plan.

Job Requirements:
1、Good skill of office software
2、Good execution.
3、Good team work and cooperative spirit.

Shift:Normal work and overtime



4、Position: Production Planner

Job Descriptions:
1、Control and manage the deadlines of all projects
2、Track and give quality feedback of supplier products.
3、Communicate with suppliers about related work of molds and products.
4、Delivery and receive related materials of supplier small order.
5、Customize and sign the contract of small order.
6、Delivery and receive supplier products and molds.

Job Requirements:
1、Be familiar with using office software, especially Excel.
2、Professional dedication, and willingness to work overtime according workload.