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aa  Since KW was founded, we insist on research and produce automobile wire harness and precise molding as the foot stone, manufacture the most reliant products for customer.In the eyes of KW people, products not only are small parts, but also are pieces of the art part which satisfy the customer requirement constantly and carry the dream and the future of every KW people.


  Following the fast development of the China automobile industry, KW has achieved the great increase and has developed into a manufacturing base which has hundreds of employees from a plant which has dozens of employees, has become a global diversified company from a single product plant. But KW people don’t forget the original mind, and always follow the core value which increases customer’s value. Base on this value, we insist on treating problem from the customer’s angle. And provide the service of high quality for the customer ,through strengthening the global management method.


  In the future we will always focus on the customer's mind, provide the new solution for the future automobile industry, and create the new value with the customer.Footholds in china、Financing world、KW will develop into the most competitive components company which beautifully change from “Made in China” to “Created in China”. KW will devote to social development of China.

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