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Training & Development
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  Promote learning, Improve individual, team & group performance.

Staff Training:

Career Education
  Employees should receive high quality education before work. It is not only important to career development of employees, but also related to the thriving and prospering of company.
  Educating talents is very difficult and should make full use of them, but not as waste talents and delay their future as that.
Professional Skill Training
  Every staff achieves career success, who is not only well versed in all knowledge of the own field, not only owns high social communicative ability and using work method ability.
  Arranging training should satisfy demand for professional skill, meanwhile ,also can develop staff individual ability.
In the professional and business training, professional skill training offers knowledge and skill according specific work demand.
Except the part of professional skill training, hold different training for improving staff individual potential ability.
  Participator will learn how to analyze the complicated issues and missions, how to use technique to solve the problems and improve work efficiency.
Leadership Training
  Discuss staff development potential, according staff development potential, formulates leadership training plan.

Leadership Principles Frame——
  We firmly believe leadership is prerequisite and guarantee which is achieve optimum benefits, our leaders set the specific, ambitious and charismatic goal, we need go beyond ourselves, otherwise we will be overtaken, on the base of trust , we emphasize empowering employees who decide by themselves, we lead revolution.
  Base on two parts of the abilities (impetus, influence, concentration and leadership) and the results (finance, staffs, customers and process) to evaluate the managers and hope staffs have good results and achievements.
  Through evaluating, the company communicates with staffs, let them know the goal which the company hopes them to achieve, and they will be in charge of higher position in the future. The company builds encouraging perspective and formulates the same plan to lead action, then review, assessment and punishment.
  The company implements through management training, skill training, work rotation and work transformation, etc. to develop staffs grow up.

Leadership Training Process:
  -Build encouraging perspective
  -Formulate the same plan
  -Lead action
  -Review, assessment and punishment