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qq  KW create the continuous development by the most great competition power’s products and high quality service. “as the center with customer”Base in the KW development idea, and actively unite other company to create commonbenefit, develop with customer and supply together, satisfy the market need of automobile increasingly
  KW promote employment continuously、support public benefit activities, and improve society development environment continuously. For us, sustainable development is not only oneself duty.But is the business development’s power and the key of today and future.

Sustainable Customer Idea
  KW insist regard the need of satisfying the customer as the company development direction,All activities start from customer’s need and end of satisfying customer’s need. Devote to provide the high quality products of compling market and the best service.
  KW sustainable customer idea is a wide space, from product’s research、production to the later period service, is that KW give the most sincere assurance for the customer. Base of KW longtime service, KW company is contacted well with customer, bring up a bright road lead to future.

Sustainable Products Idea
  Nowdays , with the high speed development, china and even whole global are facing with the severe challenge of weather change、environment pollution、energy source etc. KW pay attention to environment problem base in development angle, finding light weight products、miniaturization development、reducing the use of material、reducing the consume during the product process continuously . Implement ISO 14001 strictly: 2004 manage standard, From beginning to end follow “manufacture greenly” idea. Try hard in order to build the friendly environment company.

Sustainable Talents Idea
  KW based on the manpower resource strategy of “as the basic with fighter”. Provide the platform of showing wit for every fighter. On the stage encourage every people dare to challenge、Keep forging ahead continuously、break oneself。Implement KW’s company idea by KW people’s spirit and activity. Bring up KW’s resplendence.
KW is glad to cooperation with others hand in hand, build harmonious business entironment together, build beautiful future.