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Technology Center
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>>Technology Center

  With connecting with advanced concept, transforming the concept to the practical product.Kewen is focusing the satisfaction of customer in the product design stage as well as verification of the product quality and function by various of advanced imitation and scientific analysis .In future,Kewen will take the strict manner of “Advanced technology, Profession priority”, developing various of product research, to be the leading company in the internet automotive and electrical components industrial.




>>R&D Center

  kewen's research and development center in continuously grope for, leading technology to improve work in research and development.From the early stage of the connector, protection shell, hard line fuse box gradually extended to the integrated type fuse box parts, automotive electronic module, the new energy fields, and has set up a strategic development room, to improve the vehicle research and development of new products, explore more exquisite technical design into production practice. Finally realizes the technology as the core, which guarantees product value.




>>Experiment Center

  Kewen experiment center of unified management, graded responsibility, joint development of operation mode, the climate of load, the electrical load, mechanical load, researches, such as chemical load, IP protection has formed its own characteristics and advantages, some research has reached the international advanced level, to ensure that the motion of the kelvin product effectively under complex environment and daily wear and tear. Kewen has to carry out the CNAS lab (Idt ISO/IEC 17025) certification, is expected in 2017 through the system certification. Kewen test center will also cooperate with industry development, improve the new energy, Internet products testing services in the field of automobile and electronic components.