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  Kewen equity focus on automotive wiring harness of product research and development and manufacturing, according to the difference of the domestic and foreign auto makers needs, provide targeted wiring harness product solutions and comprehensive, high quality service. After more than 10 years of development, now Mr Cowen products have been covering brand nearly hundred kinds of models at home and abroad.



Provide a variety of models of automotive wiring harness products production services



To cater to the Internet bus, leading the industry development

To be the tier 1 supplier of Saic Motot ,Kewen joint-stock company is still cooperating with the Saic for new projects research and produce service. Be company with the Saic group developing, Kewen is promoting the technical constantly. 2016,Kewen’s product was used in the internet mode car RX5, that stands for Kewen’s forward position in automotive industrial

1Dongfeng nissan

Professional partner, help enterprise system perfect

Kewen company through early synchronous development with qichen, extend service to dongfeng nissan's main models,For Japanese customer consistent high praise. Now Kewen’s products have entered the Toyota, Mazda plot is car companies in the supply chain system,in the future, kewen's products will be fully covered major automobile production enterprises overseas.

1Great Wall Automobile

To develop and provide customer value service


1China faw

Cooperate with domestic auto enterprises development, and constantly deepen the service content of cooperation

China faw is kewen's long-term partners, from the early stent products to all kinds of connectors, from simple product supply services to adapt the synchronous development of vehicle products, kewen is also actively cooperate with the continuous development of Chinese domestic automakers.

1Haima automobile

Cost optimization service, let customers obtain more market profit

kewen's products series, fuse box, connector and terminal and tie products comprehensive application in hippocampus motor's individual models.


Provide customers with innovative services, improve customer satisfaction

Kewen company in the cooperation with guangzhou automobile group with the method of design on site for a long time, constant innovation for the gac models provide synchronization design services, regardless of the input based on such services, has now developed simultaneously with gac models of wiring harness products, and is widely applied in its many passenger cars